Well Woman Clinicb (Nirogi, Nirbhay, Nischint Nari)

AIM:-To have Healthy and Anemia free Society

The pivot of every happy family is a healthy woman. A healthy woman nurtures a healthy family, which is why even the smallest ailment disturbing her, affects the whole family. So to ensure her health we provide preventive health screening services to women of all ages.

The Well Women Clinic is designed to evaluate women's health issues.

Ideally it is recommended that all women have their first annual well woman health checkup within one year of onset of sexually activity.

Well Woman Check-Up at Kokare Memorial Hospital is a gynecological check-up designed for the today's woman keeping in mind her risk factors to various gynecological ailments. The check up also evaluates her risks to diseases such as breast and cervical cancer. An early detection of these diseases can lead to complete cure and normal life.

We aim at Advocating women’s health and social well being by providing an affordable, high quality, women focused health care service.

We attempt to obtain the test done at the less expensive rate but with the best quality service possible.

Investigations included in this Health Check:

  • Blood tests
  • Sonography
  • Pap Smear Test
  • Physical examination by the physician
  • All these investigations are done under the same roof that is at Kokare Memorial Hospital. There is no necessity of getting admitted in hospital for these.

    Our staff is committed to providing care and information in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

    To enroll at Well Women clinic, contact at our reception desk.