At Kokare Hospital we have state-of-the-art dedicated ultrasound machine for Obstetrics & Gynecological imaging. Salient Features

  • 1. Top of the line 3D / 4D imaging for detecting fetal structural abnormalities
  • 2. Obstetrics & Gynecological Doppler imaging for determining blood flow pattern and velocities
  • 3. Fetal echo – for detailed evaluation of the fetal heart
    • 3.1. I scan: (Intelligent optimization)
    • 3.2. Panoramic imaging
    • 3.3. THI: (Tissue harmonic imaging)

Facilities Available

These tools help in excellent detailing of tissue interfaces & vasculature of all organs

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Simplicity and guidance go hand in hand.

Your commitment to patients and the utility of ultrasound imaging go hand in hand in building a healthier world. LOGIQTM V5 makes advanced ultrasound technology simple, affordable, and accessible for healthcare providers.

The system supports you with automated calculations, onboard clinical information, and time-saving workflow tools.

NOTE: Under any circumstances sex determination of the fetus is not done at our hospital