I.V.F Laboratory

Kokare Memorial hospital provides an in-house laboratory facility which helps us in working on all sorts of cases. It is an well equipped lab with fully automated systems for all the necessary diagnostic and prognostic laboratory evaluations.

Laboratory tests include

  • 1. Routine hematology, clinical pathology, and biochemistry, serology tests: required for Antenatal cases (in pregnancy), pre-operative work up, follow up cases etc.
  • 2. Specialized biochemistry tests with coagulation profile required for high risk pregnancy cases (like increased blood pressure during pregnancy, diabetes during pregnancy etc.).
  • 3. Histopathology examination- to rule out possibility of cancer. Cytology examination (PAP SMEAR) - helps in screening for cervical cancer cases.
  • 4. Fully automated electrophoresis set up to investigate cases of unresponsive anomalies especially for thallessemia.
  • 5. Endocrinology set up with fully automated chemiluminescence’s systems for various hormones which form the back bone for IVF (test tube baby) programme. It helps in investigating various common problems related with menses, pregnancy and bleeding.
  • 6. Microbiology setup- With in place programme of O.T infection surveillance which helps in curtailing intraoperative/ postoperative infection as well as hospital acquired infections. At Kokare Memorial Hospital we have different test profiles as screening program.
  • 7. Well Woman clinic- under this we screen with tests like Hemoglobin, sugar level, lipid profile and PAPSMEAR examination.
  • 8. New born is screened for thyroid hormone deficiency.
  • 9. Profile for investigating cases of bad obstetric history (abortions) with tests like ANA, THROMBOPHILIA, ACLA, LA.