In Vitro Fertilization

I.V.F. achieves pregnancy by fertilizing the woman's eggs (oocytes) outside her body. The oocytes are obtained vaginally using transvaginal sonographic procedure. The semen is processed in order to harvest the most robust sperm. The egg & sperm are incubated together.

Next day fertilization is evaluated. The embryos are then ready for transfer at the end of 48 hours. I.V.F. is ideal with the couple for tubal blockage, tubal adhesions, and selected cases of endometriosis and genital tuberculosis.

Micromanipulation/Intra Cytoplasm Sperm Injection

In this procedure the oocyte is prepared by removing its outer coat of cells called cumulus complex. Once laid bare, the oocyte is gently held by a holding pipette under inverted microscope. The sperm that has been prepared for microinjection is injected through a very fine micropipette into cytoplasm of the oocyte. The holding pipette is 20 times thinner than the human hair and the injection pipette is 60 times thinner than human hair. The egg itself is no bigger than the tip of pin. The microinjected egg is returned to the incubator and checked the following day for fertilization.

Micromanipulation is ideally suited for couple with very low sperm counts or zero count (azoospermia) very little or complete lack of motility, abnormal shape & size of the sperm. Its use is extended to women with advancing age, endometriosis, and unexplained infertility. Assisted Hatching

This is the procedure in which the zona (shell) of the embryo is opened using techniques of Micromanipulation. This facilitates its hatching in the uterus and improves implantation and pregnancy rates. Assisted hatching is useful in older women.

Andrology Laboratory

The Andrology laboratory uses Semen Quality Analysis system. The information on volume, pH, viscosity, morphology number of immature cells and white blood cells and other routine assessment is provided. It is very important that we do semen quality assessment in quality controlled laboratory than routine pathological laboratory.