A relatively small but a caring and compassionate unit started by Dr. Rajesh Kokare, has now grown into a state-of-the-art high quality care hospital.

In keeping with the commitment of introducing latest treatment modalities applicable to the society, Kokare Hospital now introduces a department of IVF & Genetics.

We have state of the art facilities for In Vitro Fertilization, Micromanipulation (I.C.S.I.), Assisted Hatching, Semen and Embryo Cryopreservation, fully functional Andrology laboratory for diagnostic and therapeutic tests and facilities for genetic testing such as preimplantation and prenatal testing for chromosomal and genetic disorders.

We also offer treatment for ovulatory and other endocrine disorders giving rise to infertility as well as endoscopic &surgical management of infertility.

Assisted Reproduction Laboratory

The laboratory is fully equipped with the latest equipment. Our clinical staff interfaces with 3 reproductive biologists who have in depth knowledge of the laboratory aspects of assisted reproduction. We perform routine quality control assays to ensure high performance. The laboratory functions all 7 days a week.